Services + Pricing:


Walks, Hikes + Play Groups:

Group Walk- First dog: $20 Each additional dog: $10

Our standard 20-25 minute, structured leash walk in your neighborhood. With Boston for the Dogs, every walk is a training walk! Your pup will have the chance to socialize with other dogs, as well as perfect their leash skills.

Solo Walk- First dog: $25. Each additional dog: $10

We offer 20-25-minute structured solo walks for dogs that cannot be walked with others, are reactive or are working on training. If you're not sure  whether your dog fits into any of these categories, just ask and we'll help you figure out the best option. We love when members of the pack graduate from solo to group walks, but are happy to keep them flying solo based on your and their comfort levels.

Hikes - First dog: $35. Each additional dog: $15

A BFTD family favorite, our hikes are 1-hour long and are perfect for the dog who loves exploring and needs some extra exercise. Our team carefully selects the best hiking locations based on current weather conditions, and your dog will come home happy and exhausted.

Play Group- First dog: $25. Each additional dog: $10

A great option for dogs with loads of energy, your dog will have the chance to run around and play with other dogs (supervised, of course!) in a fenced-in area. 

Senior/Puppy Potty Break- First dog: $15. Each additional dog: $10

Have a new puppy or an older dog who just needs a quick pee-break? This option is for you.

Boarding + Check-Ins:

After Hours/Weekend Visit- First dog: $25. Each additional dog: $10

Stuck working late? Going on vacation sans-furry friend?  While we do offering boarding services, we know some dogs are more comfortable sleeping at home. We'll stop by to feed, walk and play with your dog as many times a day as needed. 

In-home Pet Sitting (limited availability)- contact for pricing

Boarding (limited availability)- contact for pricing


One-on-One Training- contact for pricing.

This is required for new clients and can also be a great refresher for dogs (and their humans) who need additional training and support. We'll customize a training plan that works for you- very often the humans have more work to do than the dogs!

Practice in the Park- $20 per family, $100 for 6-class card

Join us most Saturdays and Sundays for a training experience completely unique to Boston for the Dogs. We'll meet in the  the Arnold Arboretum (Bussey St. entrance) for an hour to an hour and a half of working on canine good citizen skills, leash skills, socialization, basic obedience and more. This group class is  for dogs of all levels and can serve as a refresher course or an introduction to new skills.  No two classes are the same, and it's the perfect opportunity to meet other members of the pack. We announce all Practice in the Park sessions on our Facebook page.

*Disclaimer: All service lengths are subject to change based on the weather, the health or behavior of the dog, at the team’s discretion.


Boston for the Dog is fully insured and bonded with Pet Sitters International and Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

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